Electrically adjustable height, full modularity and ergonomic solutions at the heart of the new product

The RENEX Group has announced the launch of the REECO brand dental workstation. The new product meets the needs of dental prosthetic professionals, providing them with unparalleled functionality and convenience. The REECO prosthetic workstation is an innovative solution that allows the user to precisely adjust the height of the work surface during the course of work. Thanks to its electrically adjustable height, prosthodontists can easily change their body position, ensuring comfort and reducing the risk of disorders resulting from prolonged sitting.

Understanding and meeting the needs of our customers is the mission of the RENEX Group. It is for this reason that the REECO dental workstation was developed. It is an ergonomic and modular solution that aims to increase work efficiency in dental practices. The product is unique not only in terms of its functionality. Its design is a creative way of putting together REECO Antistatic Furniture modules. Users are free to interchange the elements with others from the REECO series, adapting the workstation to their individual needs.

By manufacturing in Poland, the RENEX Group guarantees high stock levels and continuity of quality and workmanship over the years. The REECO dental workstation is equipped with a drawer with an extractor end, which protects the tabletop and enables quick emptying. The material of construction, powder-coated steel, ensures high mechanical resistance and antistatic properties.

With user convenience in mind, the stand is available in three widths: 1200, 1530, 1830 mm. A work stand made of hardwood and a protective glass pane made of plexiglass ensure safety during work, allowing for efficient dust removal. Use the REECO furniture configurator to create your own dental workstation: https://configurator.REECO.info/.

O Grupie RENEX

The RENEX Group is one of the largest and longest-established Polish companies, providing state-of-the-art technology in the production and service of electronic devices. With passion and commitment, it provides its customers with innovative and dedicated solutions that help maintain high efficiency and competitiveness in a dynamically changing market. The company is recognised as an expert in the industry, earning the trust of its many customers through its consistently high standards of service and product quality. The wide range of solutions offered enables the company to tailor its offerings to the specific needs and expectations of each customer. The REECO brand, which is one of the flagship brands of the RENEX Group, offers high-quality anti-static furniture and equipment that is appreciated by customers all over the world. REECO brand products have been developed for use in electronics production and repair spaces.

They therefore meet the stringent quality requirements of this industry. Nowadays, however, REECO products are also gaining popularity among customers from other branches of industry and science. The high quality of the materials and precision workmanship mean that they are used in areas such as precision production, laboratories, the medical industry or Industry 4.0. Modern REECO brand solutions, such as the latest dental workstation, are proof of the company's innovation and creativity. The RENEX Group's mission is to strive to continuously develop and improve the products it offers in order to meet the growing expectations of its customers and adapt to changing market trends. The RENEX Group consistently pursues its mission by providing reliable solutions that contribute to the success of its customers.