In this year's edition of the prestigious Dobry Wzór competition, run by the Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego, the RENEX Group was once again among the finalists, thanks to its innovative solutions in the field of industrial robotics under the REECO brand. The REECO branded rotary table robot was recognised by industry experts, confirming the RENEX Group's reputation as a leader in industrial innovation.

The REECO brand, part of the RENEX Group, offers a range of industrial solutions, including industrial robots, clothing and anti-static furniture. REECO robots, known for their simplicity of implementation and operation, allow small and medium-sized companies in the industrial sector to rapidly automate processes. At the heart of this innovation is the rotary table, which enables ergonomic, manual insertion of components (e.g. PCBs) into the work area, increasing the efficiency of operations by minimising part transport time.

The application of the REECO robot solution is wide-ranging, but particularly appreciated in the automotive industry, precision assembly plants and production facilities. Modular design, vision system options and the ability to control the soldering profile for each point, make REECO robots a flexible tool to suit a wide variety of production needs.

This is not the first time that the RENEX Group has been recognised in the Dobry Wzór competition. In 2015, the company won the top prize for the design of REECO's Premium Series antistatic furniture, and in 2018 it was recognised for the design of the REECO branded soldering robot. These successes confirm the RENEX Group's ongoing commitment to design excellence and innovation. The Dobry Wzór competition provides an important platform for promoting best practices in design and innovation in Poland.

The products and services awarded and nominated for the finals will be presented at a post-competition exhibition at the IWP headquarters in Warsaw. The Awards Gala, scheduled for 27 October 2023, is an important point in the industry calendar, which the RENEX Group is looking forward to, hoping for further recognition.

The final of the Dobry Wzór 2023 competition is not only a chance to win a prestigious award, but also an opportunity to highlight the importance of Polish innovation on the international arena. With its achievements under the REECO brand, the RENEX Group continues its mission to offer the market solutions that facilitate industrial giants, as well as smaller entities, to move to a higher level of automation, while bringing aesthetic and functional value in the field of industrial design.