RENEX Group introduces a new product to the wide range of REECO equipment - fume extractors.

The newly developed fume extractor RE-FCE-001 is a fan-filter, which means that it combines a fan that extracts the harmful substances contained in the air with a filtration system that absorbs them. The system consists of a main unit and two outgoing flexible arms of 1400mm length and 60mm diameter.

The device has been designed to work in production and repair areas of electronic devices - including EPA zones - where dangerous flux fumes are present. However, its possible applications, especially with the use of specialized filters, are broader and include other industries and activities where it is necessary to minimize personal exposure to airborne hazardous gases and particles.

REECO fume extractor makes it easy to protect two workplaces, which - considering the length of the arms - can be up to two and a half metres apart.

The main unit is equipped with a fan and a system of three easily replaceable filters.

The unit has been designed for use in close proximity to users - often performing precision tasks. For this reason, the technology used has placed particular emphasis on the level of sound emitted. The absorber, at standard settings of 50% motor speed, does not exceed 55dbA. Thanks to this, the main unit can be positioned under the worktop of one of the workstations the system protects.

The device can be operated not only through the main panel, but also by wireless remote control, which increases ergonomics and does not require the user to bend under the table each time they turn the device on or change settings (including 10 modes of airflow). For additional convenience, the system is equipped with a filter condition monitor and an alarm to warn the user of limited operation or the need for replacement.

What is particularly important for many entrepreneurs, especially manufacturers of electronics and services, the device has been designed to be as mobile as possible, allowing for easy movement of the extractor to another place as the work area changes and is reorganized. The new unit is compact, wheeled and requires no connections other than the power supply. The flexible arms are also easy to position in the work area of the workstation.

REECO fume extractors and other equipment from the RENEX range can be tested in operation at RENEX TECHOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER and DEMOROOM, under production line test conditions, even with customers' own components and subassemblies. RENEX specialists provide comprehensive assistance in the selection of appropriate equipment and conduct training on its correct operation - so that the user can fully exploit the capabilities of the equipment and software. The Group also provides technical support services including warranty and post-warranty service.

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