Individual product customisation is becoming increasingly popular in industry. The RENEX Group meets customer expectations by offering the implementation of personalised tailor-made projects.

The industry has evolved in recent years. A market based on process automation increasingly expects businesses to individualise the products and services they offer. Paying attention to personalisation and the implementation of customised projects is extremely important in terms of market competitiveness. Companies that develop their competence in this area can gain a competitive edge and increase their profits. Customers, in turn, gain the opportunity to have products or services tailored to their individual needs and preferences, which increases their satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Non-standard projects (non)standard service

Non-standard contract manufacturing refers to products or services that are customised to the individual needs and requirements of the customer. In industry, it refers to the production of products that are specific to an individual order. This may include the production of furniture, machinery, equipment or tools with unusual dimensions, shapes, properties or functionalities. Such projects can also include the adaptation of an already created programme or the optimisation of processes at the customer's request.

Custom projects in industry therefore require companies to be flexible, innovative and have high-quality production processes. They have to adapt their production to individual customer needs and orders. Not all companies are able to go out to the customer with customised products and services. The reason for this state of affairs is that the most expensive part of such a process is the design, production preparation, i.e. programming, purchasing the appropriate tools and producing the first piece. Given such a state of affairs, it is extremely important to choose the right partner who has the experience and competence to carry out customised projects. The RENEX Group is one of the few companies that provides such services. Thanks to its qualified staff, its experience and its specialised technological facilities, it is able to tailor its products and services to the individual needs of the client, both technically, functionally and aesthetically. The RENEX Group provides a comprehensive service, from the initial design to the delivery of the product to the address indicated, together with its commissioning and the training of the customer's staff in its use.

Order process

The process of ordering a non-standard project at the RENEX Group starts with an enquiry from the customer. This is possible via the contact form at or by contacting our Technical and Commercial Advisors directly. Customers making an enquiry have the option of submitting a preliminary design sketch, as well as providing information on the expected parameters of the product, e.g. height, width, load capacity or colour of the ordered product. The technical engineers make every effort to reflect the customer's wishes as accurately as possible in the preliminary design, which is presented to the customer together with a preliminary cost estimate.

In this way, the client has the opportunity to check the suitability of the technical idea with a quotation already at the preliminary stage. After acceptance, completion of the necessary information and verification of the production capacity, the final design and documentation are created and transferred to the machine park, where the project is realised.

Comprehensive service also after implementation

The RENEX Group offers comprehensive support also after implementation. Technical and commercial advisors are in constant contact with customers about their experiences or the implementation of subsequent orders. Thanks to its knowledge, experience and production capacity, the company is able to meet even the most difficult requirements of its customers, offering a comprehensive service from the initial design, through product manufacture, to delivery to the indicated address along with commissioning (in the case of machines) and training of the customer's staff in operation. The company is committed to quality and safety, ensuring that its customers are satisfied with the products they order.

RENEX is one of the largest and longest-established Polish companies, providing the latest technology in the manufacture and service of electronic equipment. It has an extremely wide range of tools, equipment, preparations and accessories selected for the customer according to his/her individual needs. RENEX currently sells throughout Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, thanks to its branches in Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. Over a period of more than thirty years, the company has evolved from a nationwide supplier into a Group with a number of companies and brands, including REECO, RENEX EEC, RENEX LINE, RENEX ROBOTICS, RENEX X-Ray, CLEANROOM and PORTOFINO.

In order to provide the highest level of service, the RENEX Group has set up a RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTRE and a RENEX DEMOROOM where the latest technologies in electronics and robotics are developed. In these spaces, interested parties, with the help of experienced RENEX engineers, can select the right equipment for their processes and test it on site - even on their own components and subassemblies. The range of services offered within the Technology Centre is complemented by the possibility of X-ray inspection of products. With the SEC X-EYE 5100F, the company has the ability to perform effective X-RAY inspection, meeting customer requirements in a very short time. The Group also offers training in IPC, ESA, PACE carried out at the RENEX Training Centre. Here, RENEX specialists also provide a wide range of consultancy and training services to enable the electronic package production line to be used to its fullest potential. The Group also provides process training on production equipment. In addition, it includes its own brand, Reeco, which offers a wide range of furniture, robots and industrial accessories.